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RMQ Phone: +617 32785455

John Trimboli
Director, Sales
Email: [email protected]

Debbie Trimboli
Administration & Quality Assurance Manager
Email: [email protected]


News / Media

Achacha: Spread the Word!

Pallets of 162 boxes are assembled and dispatched to wholesalers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Today 256 boxes were sent to the Netherlands...

Dragon Fruit: The new ‘it’ fruit for 2013!

It has been hard not to notice Dragon Fruits popularity recently.

First, noticed by RMQs Marketing team on Lorna Janes Website and Instagram posts, then...

RMQ Donates all Fruit & Veg to Children at the SONY Camp



RMQs National Business Manager proudly donated all fruit and vegetables needed to the children at the SONY camp in late september 2012