Foodbank Donations

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Foodbank Donations

Togther Romeos, and Huongold (Processors, Growers and supplier of Lucas PawPaw Ointment) made serveral foodbank donations.  Above, the following article was published by Foodbank, stating that

“Paster Jan from Global care  Bribe Island has been helping others in need for many years. But when she talks about the kids she helps, her motherly instincs take over.. ” We feed in excess 750 kids 3 days a week, for many this is the only substantial meal they get for the day.” Pastor Jan says ” We started funding this program ourselves, but the demand has been so great, we just can’t afford to do it oursleves” But with the assistance of Foodbank, and the generosity of donors like you, we can continue with our work. Thanks heaps for your delicious Paw Paw!”

To View Foodbank and their services, Click the following link:


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